Best Android Antivirus and Mobile Security Apps 2016 [Highly Compressed]

Best Android antivirus and mobile security apps 2016 [Highly Compressed Rar File]

Considering how often malware scams in the Google Play Store are reported, we thought it was wise to drop a list of apps for keeping your device protected. We’ve updated this list for 2016 and chopped out the apps that no longer cut it. Whether you are looking to keep your phone safe from theft or a Trojan, these are the best antivirus and security apps for Android in 2016.

First extract these apk and install in your phone. If you want extract on your phone so first download this ES File Explorer. Click what you need.

If you ever suffered from a virus, Trojan or malware on your Android? What do you think is the best Android antivirus app and why? Tell us about it in the comments.

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